Facilities Statement for Grant Proposals

The MERCED cluster (Multi-Environment Research Computer for Exploration and Discovery), a shared resource for UC Merced researchers, is a Linux cluster from Advanced Clustering Technologies, funded by an NSF Major Research Instrumentation grant. There are 95 compute nodes with a total of 2116 cores at 2301 MHz, including 4 GPU nodes, running nVidia K20 graphics cards and 2 GPU nodes running nVidia P100’s. Total capacity is approximately 62 TFLOPS. The cluster runs Slurm scheduler. There is 71 TB disk space across the cluster itself, plus a main storage array of  164 TB and approximately 144TB for project-specific storage.

PI dedicated nodes: Strubbe (8), Martini (8), applied math (2), Petra (2), Khatri (2)

This describes the state as of July 2018.

Merced_Cluster _w8b1919